3 thoughts on “Team CyberPower

  1. I’m hoping to become a sponsor to help you guys out and you can help me I’m in need of a new pc cause mine isn’t working anymore I miss recording and editing and hopefully you guys will help

  2. I’m thinking of starting a new youtube channel focused on gaming, reviews, possibly streaming, and much more. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I have games that I already bought which I look forward to playing, such as Arma 3, Space Engineers, DayZ, etc… I look up to gamers like Frankieonpcin1080p and TheDevildogGamer. I have almost everything I need, all I am missing is a great quality mic ( I have one that would do in the meantime ) and a capture card, besides that I really need a good gaming PC. I’ve been browsing on your website for a long time, really I was wondering if I could sponsor your guys and give reviews on your products and in return, you guys give me a gaming PC of your choice so I could play the games smoothly and produce quality videos. Either way, I would really appreciate a response. Thankyou.

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