Cyber Monday Doorbuster


Photo Credit: Creative Bloq

Our final doorbuster to round out the Thanksgiving holiday will be our Cyber Monday doorbuster on 11/27. This Cyber Monday doorbuster will once again feature an AMD and an Intel system to satisfy customers in both camps.

CyberPowerPC Monday

The AMD system we will be offering during Cyber Monday will contain an AMD Ryzen 7 1700X, just like our other two AMD doorbusters and will contain an AMD RX 560 2GB graphics card. The system will be priced at $745, $200 off from its original price of $945. The computer will contain a 2TB hard drive along with two 8GB sticks of RAM and two 4GB sticks of ram. In addition, there will be free shipping as well as a keyboard and mouse included. Be sure to nab this deal quickly as there is a limit of 50 only, first come, first serve.

For our Cyber Monday doorbuster system, we will be offering a powerful computer powered by an i7-7700K CPU and an NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB graphics card. This top of the line computer will be priced at $700 off of its original $1699 at just $1199. There will be a 1TB hard drive with a 16GB Optane SSD with the whole system water-cooled. Just like the AMD system, there will be free shipping as well as a keyboard and mouse included in the deal. However, this deal is also limited to 50 units and will sell out quickly. So be sure to check our website on November 27.

15 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Doorbuster

  1. I love cyberpowerpc product but it’s been really frustrating that your blog has been wrong TWICE about what kind of desktop doorbusters you have been selling. I don’t really understand why you keep advertising the wrong system. Just like your blackfriday ad was wrong, the Intel desktop doorbuster for cyber monday is selling for 1345 and is 500 dollars off. I live on the east coast so it was very annoying to wake up at 3AM twice to buy a cyberpowerpc only to find that the advertisement was wrong. Feel free to contact me as to the reason why this error keeps happening. thank you.

    • Hi Joshua, I apologize for any mistakes made on the blog and here’s the reason why sometimes the doorbuster prices were wrong. I receive the specs and pricing on the systems a few days prior and I finish the draft and schedule the articles to be posted a day before. If the pricing is changed within that time period, I may not catch it or be in the office. Again, apologies for any mistakes.

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