New Overwatch Hero: Moira, the Geneticist

Blizzard has finally released the newest hero to join Overwatch after Doomfist: The Geneticist Moira, who works as one of Talon’s council members. Her knowledge of genetic engineering has allowed her to develop new weapons and technologies for the organization while searching for ways to rewrite the fundamental building blocks of life.

In the battlefields of Overwatch, she is a support hero who can flank the enemy back line with her immense mobility. She also happens to be a strong fighter, capable of entering into 1v1 fights thanks to her lifesteal. Aside from that, her healing has a resource which requires her to always deal damage. Unlike other supports, Moira doesn’t have a real utility ability, but her multiple healing is made up to fulfill the lackluster.


Biotic Grasp

Biotic Grasp

Using her left hand, Moira expends her biotic energy to heal allies in front of her. This ability allows her to heal multiple allies.

Biotic Grasp also allows Moira to fire a long-range beam weapon using her right hand which saps enemies’ health, healing Moira and replenishing her biotic energy. But despite the look of it, Biotic Grasp doesn’t use the lifesteal mechanic. Healing from it is unaffected by damage boosts for Moira and damage reduction for enemies.

Biotic Orb

Biotic Orb

Upon activation, Moira launches a rebounding biotic sphere; she can choose between a regeneration effect which heals allies it passes through, or a decay effect which deals damage to enemies.



Fade allows Moira to quickly teleport to a short distance while invulnerable to damage. However, Moira cannot also be healed while in this form.



Coalescence is Moira’s ultimate ability. She channels a long-range beam which both heals allies and bypasses barriers to damage enemies.


Moira is now available to play at Overwatch. You can try her out by downloading the game on your Microsoft Windows gaming PC or gaming laptop. Overwatch is Blizzard’s team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter video game which was released last May 2016.

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