NVIDIA Titan XP Star Wars Edition


Photo Credit: NVIDIA

If you like Star Wars and the best graphics currently available on the market, then the NVIDIA Titan XP Star Wars Edition is perfect for you. NVIDIA has partnered with Lucasfilm to bring customers the Titan XP graphics card from their 10th generation of video cards. Looking at the specs, the Titan XP blows away all competition with its 11.4 Gbps memory speed and 1582 MHz boost clock. The card is driven by 3840 NVIDIA CUDA cores running at 1.6 GHz packing a total of 12 TFLOPs of force. It goes without saying that this graphics card can easily run any VR game or regular game at the highest settings perfectly.

In addition to the impressive array of components already packed into the card, this limited edition Titan XP comes with special Star Wars themed bonuses. The entire card is lit with a green Jedi illumination light to give it a lightsaber-like feel with the words “Jedi Order” etched into the side. The Star Wars logo is also etched into the card with the Jedi Order symbol on the fan. All of this comes neatly packaged in a special Titan XP Jedi Order Commemorative Box. So if you truly want to be one with the Force and experience the best graphics available, the NVIDIA Titan XP Star Wars Edition graphics card is the way to go.

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