Dota 2’s New Magic Damage Support Hero, Dark Willow

Dark Willow, DOTA 2 Support Damage Hero

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Valve has finally released the Dueling Fates Patch Update which includes a new magic damage heavy support hero known as Dark Willow. According to her lore, Mireska Sunbreeze also known as the Dark Willow is a spiteful fairy who set off with her pet wisp Jex to live a life of a wandering grifter after burning down her family estate.

In the battlefields of Dota 2, she is a ranged intelligence hero who has a powerful array of disables and nukes attacks, which allows her to play several positions in the game.

Dark Willow - In Game Image


Bramble Maze

Bramble Maze

Dark Willow summons a maze of brambles in a target area. Enemies who will walk into the bramble take damage and are rooted.

Shadow Realm

Shadow Realm

Shadow Realm allows Dark Willow to recede into the shadows, causing her next attack to increase range and deal bonus magic damage and will end in Shadow Realm. The damage scales is based on how long she remains under the effects of Shadow Realm, with the maximum being reached after 3 seconds.

Cursed Crown

Cursed Crown

Dark Willow casts an ancient fae spell on her target. After a short delay, the target and nearby enemies are stunned.



Dark Willow’s pet wisp roams around her for a short duration, rapidly attacking nearby enemies. However, Bedlam cannot be used while Terrorize is active.



Terrorize when activated causes Dark Willow to release her pet wisp to terrorize her opponents. After a short delay, enemies in the target area will then become fearful and run toward their home fountain. However, Terrorize cannot be used while Bedlam is active.


Dark Willow along with the new hero Pangolier are released as part of the Dueling Fates Patch 7.07 Update. To try out her skills and gameplay, you can download Dota 2 on Steam for your Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops.

If you want to check out her skills, here’s a hero spotlight video:

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