Let’s Take a Look at League’s Season 7 Victorious Graves!

Victorious Graves

Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

The Season 7 League of Legends has ended, and for those who managed to attain a rank of gold or higher, are gifted with the year’s Victorious Skin which happens to be Victorious Graves.

Riot has been teasing us for the past weeks by posting an image of a regally dressed man holding a gun on their social media accounts. Fans have quickly figured out the champion who was getting a victorious skin due to the man’s appearance having a great resemblance to Graves with its slicked-back hair, mustache, and beard. And it wasn’t long till Riot officially announced the skin to be Victorious Graves.

Victorious Graves in-game model

Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

And for the first time, Riot has decided to give Victorious Graves Chromas based on the queue the player ended the season in. Aside from its base skin, the Chromas includes Flex, Solo/Duo, and 3v3, all featuring different colors.

The Flex will be obtained by achieving Gold rank or higher in flex.

Victorious Graves - Flex

Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

Solo/Duo is for users who Gold ranked players or higher in Solo and Duo queue.

Victorious Graves - Solo and Duo queue

Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

And lastly, 3v3 will be received by players with Gold rank or higher in 3v3.

Victorious Graves - 3v3

Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

Victorious Graves features an all-new model which features the Outlaw champion wearing a lion-headed pauldron, a victorious cape, and a sleek new look. Its new animations feature Graves shooting a discus out of the air with rose petals falling and a pedestal he uses to props up his foot. The skin also features all new VFX with gold, blue, and purple particles shown in Victorious classic fashion. Its all new SFX, on the other hand, has an audio fitted for the Outlaw victor.

Aside from the Victorious Skin, ranked players will also get to received summoner icons and loading screen borders. New rewards also include Victorious Ward skins, and Honor Ward Skins, which the player can unlock based on his Honor Rank.

League of Legends is a famous MOBA game developed by Riot which is free-to-download for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops. You can check the game out at https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/.

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