Riot is Giving Blitzcrank Two New Skins As Announced in Nexus Post

In a post published on Nexus, Riot finally revealed the two new skins they are planning to release for our favorite Great Steam Golem, Blitzcrank.

The article was posted after the concept art for the two skins was leaked on Reddit, introducing Lancer Paragon and Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank. The thread was then commented on by Riot Managing Editor Mike Foster also known as Tummers, who clarified the two new skins, and told users that they will be different from each other and not to be with an ultimate skin.

Lancer Paragon, One of the Two New Blitzcrank Skins as Shwon in your Gaming PCs

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Blitzcrank will be the first champion to have two skins under one thematic, featuring one that represents light and the other representing darkness. According to the Nexus’ article, the designers were initially set out to make a single Blitzcrank skin, which focuses on his hook. At first, they wanted to make it sci-fi, fantasy, or horror based. A lot of designs came up, but the team eventually went with the Dark Lancer direction with its dark metallic nature and a sinister fantasy hook.

Blitzcrank Concept Skins

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However, as the designers eventually got further into the design, they realized that the direction had a clear opposite: Light, which compliments the Dark. This brought a new idea, and the concept artist began developing the Light version for the Dark Lancer.

The new Blitzcrank skins haven’t made its way onto the Public Beta Environment as Riot is still in the process of patching any bugs in the designs. As to when the skins will be released, one thing we know is that it will go to roll out soon.

Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank

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Riot also mentioned that these Blitzcrank skins have opened the door to many different opportunities for the upcoming skins. Who knows which champion will get a double skin next time?

In another update, Riot has answered a player’s question on Twitter if Lancer Paragon and Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank will be hextech exclusive. They posted that the skins will cost 1350 RP, and can be brought together in a bundle for 1850 RP.

For more information regarding Lancer Paragon and Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank, you can visit League of Legends is a MOBA video game developed by Riot for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops.

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