League of Legends Guide to Jungle Creeps

As every player knows, jungling is a significant part of every League of Legends’ match. The role of a jungler is to maximize resource allocation by killing monsters or neutral creeps on the map, getting their buffs and helping his team fights by ganking on enemy champions. Since killing monsters is a big part of the role, we decided to create a list of the all the creeps/monsters you can find in the jungle of the Summoner’s Rift as a guide to players who are new or would like to try jungling.

Blue Sentinel

The Blue Sentinel is the massive golem in the jungle camp which when killed gives the champion the Crest of Insight, a buff which grants increased mana, energy regeneration, and a 10%+ cooldown reduction. Killing it will also grant the champion 200 experience. It is a sturdy and durable melee attacker with negative magic resistance so remember to ask help from an allied champion if you want to kill it first thing in the game.


Gromp is the massive toad monster who likes to eat small insects, mushroom, and also people. When attacked by a champion, it begins a fight with 100% attack speed and full damage, decaying over five attacks. Killing it will grant the champion 200 experience. It was designed to replace the Wight, a ranged monster with a large amount of health and damage.

Murk Wolves

The murk wolves is a pack of fast and ferocious monsters. It is led by the Greater Murk Wolf, a two-headed wolf which deals greater damage and has a higher health compares to the two murk wolves in its side. Killing the Greater Murk Wolf will grant 100 experience while killing the smaller murk wolves grants 40 experience. These monsters also restore a small portion of a champion’s mana and health when killed.

Red Brambleback

The Red Brambleback is the magical lizard located on the right side of the jungle. It grants its killer the Crest of Cinders, a buff which gives the champion health regeneration and causes the champion’s basic attacks to slow the enemy and deal true damage over time. The extra damage helps the jungler to clean minion packs easier and take on bigger monsters like the dragon more easily. Its slow buff, on the other hand, will allow the jungler to successfully execute a gank or for kiting monsters to reduce damage.


The Raptors are small monsters found in the jungle near the mid lane. Five of them can be found with along with the Crimson Raptor, a larger raptor which has ranged attack. Killing the Crimson Raptor grants 20 experience, while the Raptors will give the champion 35 experience. Jungle champions must also remember that the Smite spell cannot be used on the smaller raptors.

Ancient Krug

The Ancient Krug is a large monster located near the bottom lane along with a smaller krug. When killed, the Ancient Krug will split into two smaller krugs, which will then again split into two Mini Krugs when killed. If the champion retreats, the four mini krugs will then despawn. The Smite spell won’t also take effect on the smaller Krugs and Mini Krugs. Killing the Ancient Krug will grant 125 experience, while the smaller Krugs gives 35 experience, and the Mini Krug grants 7 experience.

Dragon & Elder Dragon

Dragon is the second most powerful monster in the Summoner’s Rift. Slaying the dragon will grant the champion’s team one of the Dragon Slayer buffs. The dragons are categorized into four elemental dragons and an elder dragon, each grants a different buff. The elemental dragons are consists of the cloud drake, infernal drake, mountain drake, and ocean drake. For the first 35 minutes, these elemental dragons will spawn every six minutes, which will then be replaced by the Elder Dragon after the said time.

Baron Nashor

Baron Nashor is the most powerful monsters in the Summoner’s Rift, which has a wide variety of team attacks. Killing this monster will grant the Hand of Baron to all team’s champions for 210 seconds. The buff gives champions bonus attack damage, bonus ability power, Empowered Recall, and an aura that will increase the power of nearby minions.


League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game from Riot Games, which is free to download on Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops.

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