CyberPowerPC Creator Pro Series Now Available


CyberPowerPC unleashed a new lineup of PCs called the Creator Pro series. The new Creator Pro series, as it’s aptly named, are systems geared towards streamers and content creators from gamers to developers. The new series is broken into 4 configurating categories: Pro streamer, Pro youtuber, Pro Designer, and last but not least, the Pro Developer. As their names represent, the systems are aimed for influencers who stream or produce and create content on Youtube, designers who use Adobe and other digital creation software, and developers who design, model using intensive 3D applications such as Maya and 3DMax.


Creator Pro Series at a Glance. Pro Streamer, Pro Youtubers, Pro Designers, Pro Developers

The Pro streamer series starts at $2,219. That’s a lot, but it also gets you TWO PCs. The logic behind the two PC setup is to offload the encoding and processes on a separate PC for stream while your main gaming PC handles the important part – keeping your frames up. Another inherent benefit to the dual PC setup is that in the event of a system crash on your gaming PC, your stream stays up and allows you to communicate to your audience. The Pro streamer PCs are powered by Intel’s newest 8th Gen and X-series processors along with NVIDIA 10-Series GeForce GTX graphics.

The Pro Youtuber series starts at a more modest $1,209. Despite the meager price, you get a lot of system starting with a 6-core Intel 8th gen core i7-8700K CPU. It’s the right blend of multi-tasking and gaming power you need to transform your gameplay or recorded content into Youtube gold. More serious Youtubers that produces videos daily can opt for configurations featuring Intel X-series CPUs up to 18 cores to speed up the video processing and rendering times.

The Pro Designer series are powerful workstations for graphic designers, illustrators, and digital creators. Powered by NVIDIA 10 Series GeForce GTX GPUs or optional Pascal powered Quadros, the Pro Designer series gives creators the best performing PC at its price point. It features the latest and newest GPUs and CPUs to take advantage of multi-core processing features of Adobe and other design software. It’s also configured with higher capacity system memory and ample storage to improve system responsiveness. The Pro Designer series starts at $1,429.

The Last category of the new Creator Pro series is the Pro Developer – created for those who develop the games and content we gamers love. Armed with Intel X-series or Xeon CPUs alongside workstation class graphics from AMD FirePro series to NVIDIA Quadro, these systems are specifically designed to process and render 3D. The Pro Developer series includes ECC memory for improved system stability and ample storage room for the massive 3D object files. Pro Developer workstations start at $2,009.

All CyberPowerPC Creator series are back by our 3-year limited warranty and life-time toll free tech support. Systems can be found on the creator series page and customized with a wide variety of options including performance memory, extra storage, CPU and graphics cards upgrades, and many more.

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