CyberPowerPC Hyper Liquid II


Introducing the CyberPowerPC Hyper Liquid II PCs, the newest in our line of quality liquid-cooled computers for gamers. The Hyper Liquid series featured some of the most powerful and best computers on the market with the highest tier graphics cards from NVIDIA and the newest processors. The Hyper Liquid II series will continue providing the top quality our customers expect with the newest generation of NVIDIA graphics cards and the latest processors for the quality gaming experience our customers deserve.

The main difference between the first and second Hyper Liquid series is that the Hyper Liquid II computers will be available with chrome customization for the liquid cooling system. Customers will be able to coat their system with a sleek chrome design for the perfect gaming system in performance and looks. Just like the previous Hyper Liquid series, the Hyper Liquid II will also feature the latest computer components and technologies from Intel and NVIDIA to ensure a high quality gaming experience for our customers.

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