Dontnod’s RPG Vampyr Delayed to 2018

Dontnod Entertainment, the developer of the critically-acclaimed Life is Strange, has announced the delayed release of their upcoming Gothic RPG Vampyr. Initially scheduled to be launched in November on Microsoft Windows gaming PCs, PlayStation, and XBox One, the game is now said to be released in Spring 2018.

Vampyr introduces the story of a doctor named Jonathan Reid, who turned into a vampire. The game is set in London during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. As Jonathan tries to accept his condition, he must try dealing with his newfound bloodthirsty nature and stick to his Hippocratic Oath. The game challenges the player to make the right decision as they complete each goal. It also gives the player a choice not to kill anyone until the end of the game.

Oskar Guilbert, the CEO of Dontnod Entertainment, has stated that reason behind the delay was an unforeseen technical issue. However, they also reassured fans that the problem has already been solved and that the game’s quality has not been compromised.

Guilbert also stated that the delay will allow the developers to polish and balance the phase, which is very much needed for a game like Vampyr’s scope, especially with its semi-open world, complex narrative, and deep RPG mechanics that gives its players a real impact on its gaming world.

Dontnod Entertainment has also thanked Vampyr’s publisher Home Focus Interactive for allowing them to delay the game especially since many players have been waiting for it since its announcement trailer was released during E3 2017.

Vampyr is a big challenge for Dontnod Entertainment as they stepped out of their episodic storytelling forte and focused into a big, open world RPG. As for now, we can only wait that Dontnod can use the extra time to make Vampyr the best it can be.

Here’s the official trailer for Vampyr:

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