League of Legends Champion Update: Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace

Evelynn Champion Update

Photo Source: surrenderat20.net

After the long wait, Riot has finally released the full details of Evelynn’s champion update through their website. With the sensuous face of a human woman, the lust demon Evelynn lures her prey with a beautiful lie, succumbing her victims to her charms and gratifying herself with their pain.

Let’s check out Evelynn’s champion update and her skills:


Passive: Demon Shade

Passive - Demon Shade

Evelynn’s passive “Demon Shade” will automatically activate once she avoids combat. If Evelynn’s health is low, the Demon Shade will allow her to recover quickly while the ability is active. By level 6, it will also grant her camouflage, which makes her hidden from view to all except for nearby enemy champions, turrets, and control wards.

Q: Hate Spike

Q - Hate Spike

Hate Spike when activated causes Evelynn to lash out in a target direction, dealing damage to the first unit it hits. If the lash hits a target, Evelynn’s next three spells and attacks on that target will also deal additional damage. If a monster is the struck target, a significant chunk of the skill cooldown will be refunded.

Aside from that, Evelynn can also recast Hate Spike up to three times to fire a line of spikes through the nearest enemies after the initial recast. The spikes will deal damage to all enemies it hit. The skill also prioritizes the enemy Evelynn is attacking.

W: Lust Dust

W - Lust Dust

Lust Dust lets Evelynn briefly curse a target champion on a monster. Hitting the cursed target with her basic attacks or abilities will expunge the curse, which will slow the target and also refund Lust Dust’s mana cost.

If the curse lasts for a couple of seconds, expunging it will charm the target. The targeted enemy champion will have their magic resistance reduced, while target monsters are charmed a little longer and will deal bonus damage.

Casting this spell will also not break Demon’s Shade camouflage.

E: Whiplash & Empowered Whiplash

E - Whiplash & Empowered Whiplash

Whiplash causes Evelynn to impale an enemy with her lashers, applying on-hit effects while dealing damage. She is then granted with a short burst of movement speed.

Upon entering Demon Shade, Whiplash will be upgraded to Empowered Whiplash.

Empowered Whiplash will allow Evelynn to push herself to her target before impaling them, dealing damage and applying Whiplash’s effects to her target and all nearby enemies.

R: Widowmaker

R - Widowmaker

Widowmaker upon activation will cause Evelynn to unleash her demonic energy, becoming untargetable which allows her to decimate enemies in front of her. After a few seconds, she will then warp backwards. This skill applies additional bonus damage to low-health enemies.


So what do you think about Evelynn’s new skill? If you want to try her new skills, then download Riot’s League of Legends on your Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops.

Source: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/09/champion-update-evelynn-agonys-embrace.html

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