New CyberPowerPC Powered by: Intel’s New 8th Generation Processors


Photo Credit: Intel

We are excited today to announce the release of Intel’s newest generation of computer processors, the 8th Gen Intel Core Processors. The newly released processors will be the i7-8700K, i7-8700, i5-8600K, i5-8400, i3-8350K, and i3-8100 codenamed “Coffee Lake” CPUs. All of these processors will feature the latest processing chip technology by Intel, making them the best processors on the market at this time.

We’re also excited to announce that we have launched two new systems along with the release of these 8th generation processors. The first system will contain the Intel 8th Gen i7-8700K CPU and will be priced under $1200, perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their system at an affordable cost. The second computer will contain the i5-8600K CPU and will be available for under $1040. Both systems will include some of the latest computer components available on the market are perfect for those looking to experience gaming with the latest technology.

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