The Best League of Legends Comics You Should Read

Best League of Legends Comics

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League of Legends is loved by many gamers not only for its gameplay but also for its unique champions and their interesting backstory. These backstories are often featured in comics which are illustrated by different talented artists. That said, here are some of our favorite picks:

Poppy: A Hero’s Calling

Poppy - A Hero_s Calling

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A Hero’s Calling tells the story of the adorable yordle Poppy and her search for the true hero of Demacia, worthy to wield the hammer. It features Poppy trying to find the next hero at the remote part of Demacia as it gets attacked by a giant monster.

Darius: Blood of Noxus

Darius - Blood of Noxus

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Blood of Noxus is probably one of my favorite comics. The comic gives fans a glimpse into Darius’ backstory, and how he became a Noxian soldier. We also get to see him fall in love with his childhood friend, Quilletta. The art was done by Sana Takeda who has also drawn for issues of Ms. Marvel and X-23.

Nami: Into the Abyss

Nami - Into the Abyss

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Into the Abyss is one of the recent comics that was published by League of Legends. It features League of Legend’s mermaid-like Vastaya champion, Nami. It tells the tale of the Tidecaller, a chosen hero of their race who uses a magical staff and dives into the depths of the ocean searching for a powerful pearl that protects their people from the monsters.

Ekko: Chronobreak

Ekko: Chronobreak

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Chronobreak focuses on the story of Ekko and his adventures through the time. The comic follows Ekko as he speeds runs throughout the city but as the story progresses, readers will slowly realize that there is a reason to why he is running.

Ziggs and Jinx: Paint the Town

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town

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Paint the Town tells the story of how Ziggs and Jinx met in Piltover and became friends. Illustrated by Fabio Moon, it gives fans an exclusive look at Ziggs and Heimerdinger relationship fallout, and more depth to how people used to hate and fear yordles before. In the end, though, Ziggs found an unlikely friend in the manic and impulsive criminal, Jinx.

Camille: Severed Ties

Camille - Severed Ties

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Severed Ties is an epic, action-packed comic that was published to celebrate the release of Camille. It tells her story about how she hunts for Baron Volkage in the large and mechanical city of Piltover. During her search, she bumps into several other characters in which lead her towards the man.

Taric: The Ascent

Taric - The Ascent

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The Ascent is the comic which introduced the story of how he became the Shield of Valoran and received the powers of the stars. Compared to League of Legends other comics, Ascent isn’t filled with epic battles but focuses on Taric’s past that returns to haunt him.


League of Legends is a MOBA video game from Riot for Microsoft Windows gaming computers and laptops.

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