Misfits win the CyberPowerPC Fall CS:GO Tournament


Photo Credit: HLTV

After a weekend of excitement and clutch moments, Misfits emerged victorious as the winner of the CyberPowerPC Fall CS:GO tournament. The round of 8 on Saturday, September 30th, saw all of the top seeds winning their matches comfortably 2-0, except surprisingly, Misfits defeating Luminosity Gaming 2-1 in a relatively close match. The first semifinal match between Renegades and Counter Logic Gaming kicked off with an overtime game on Train that was a nail-biter to watch. Ultimately, Renegades eked out the victory 19-17 by winning 2 rounds on both sides of overtime. The next map, Inferno, saw CLG run out of a steam a bit although they kept the map close still. In the end, Renegades took a hard fought 2-0 victory.

The close matches continued in the next match between OpTic Gaming and Misfits as the new European roster of OpTic struck first winning in Overtime on Inferno to put a 1-0 lead on the board. The second match was a disaster for them as Misfits ran them over with a swift 16-5 victory to tie the match and bring it to Mirage. Misfits had a flying start to Mirage taking a massive 14-4 lead. However, OpTic fought back round after round and despite losing another round to make the score 15-9, they managed to come back all the way to tie up the game at 15-15. It looked like OpTic would complete their comeback when they won the first 3 rounds of OT1, but Misfits found a late burst of their own to take the next 3 rounds, bringing the match to a second overtime. At this point, Misfits continued their streak and put another 3 rounds on the board and quickly closed it out afterwards to take a well-earned 22-19 victory.

Unfortunately for the viewers, the close, tense matches ended there as Misfits proceeded to clean up in the grand finals. They quickly defeated Renegades, 16-11 and 16-2 on Overpass and Inferno respectively to win the tournament and $9000 to boot. Congratulations to the winners and in particular, ShahZaM from Misfits, who had a huge showing in the tournament and was a key factory in their victories, with his lowest rating at 1.14 on any map in the tournament.

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