New Smite God Reveal: Hachiman, Lord of the Eight Banners

Hachiman, Lord of the Eight Banners

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Hi-Rez Studios has announced the release of a new god for their MOBA game, Smite. Hachiman, also known as the Lord of the Eight Banners, is a bow-wielding hunter who excels at long-ranged combat and high single target damage.

Let’s take a look at his Smite God Reveal and skills:


Passive – Master of Arms

Passive - Master of Arms

This passive skill allows Hachiman to get stronger as he lands his blows. Hitting his enemies with his basic attacks will energize Hachiman will grant him a stack of mana power. It can stack up to 5 times, and its stack can last up to 8 seconds.

1st Ability – Eagle Eye

1st Ability - Eagle Eye

When Hachiman toggles on this ability, instead of hitting with his basic attack, he will fire a series of arrows that inflicts additional damage which falls off a long range. Each hit will trigger item effects for basic attacks which can cause a critical hit.

2nd Ability – Heavenly Barrier

2nd Ability - Heavenly Barrier

The skill lets Hachiman calls down sacred banners from heaven and will damage all enemies in range. It also grants him Attack Speed, leaving a banner which buffs his allies within range with Attack Speed.

3rd Ability – Iaijutsu

3rd Ability - Iaijutsu

Iaijutsu upon activation, allows Hachiman to dash forward, damaging and passing through enemies. Upon reaching his destination, Hachiman will swing his blade in full circle and will all enemies in range. If hit by both attacks, enemies will be stunned.

Ultimate – Mounted Archery

Ultimate - Mounted Archery

Mounted Archery is Hachiman’s ultimate skill. Hachiman will leap on his horse and charges forward. While mounted, he is immune to Crowd Control and can aim separately from the direction of his horse. He also may fire to launch an arrow at every Enemy God within a cone.


Hachiman is a part of Smite’s Patch 4.17 along with “The Odyssey” update. He is the latest god to be released by Hi-Rez Studios following Artio, the Bear Goddess. Smite is available to download and is free-to-play on XBox One, PS4, and gaming PC.

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