Overwatch Releases New Map, Junkertown


Photo Source: Forbes.com

Overwatch has revealed a new map, Junkertown. The map features the hometown of Junkrat and Roadhog. Set in the outback of Australia, this new escort-style map which requires the players to guide an explosives-laden payload into the middle of Junkertown.

In Overwatch’s official description, Junkertown is described as constructed from the remains of a destroyed omnium, which now happens to be the home to a band of lawless scavengers known as Junkers, who are led by their cutthroat Queen. When these Junkers aren’t pillaging the omnium’s skeleton for anything of value, they blow off steam in the Scrapyard — a massive gladiatorial arena whose combatants fight for glory, riches, and survival.

The map was revealed alongside with this short preview trailer:

In the map preview trailer “Junkertown: The Plan,” Junkrat and Roadhog returned to the Junkertown with a mass of gold and cash which they had amassed from their heists around the world. Using a payload, they made a plan to hide explosives in the gold to use it to kill the Queen. However, the two were unable to get into the town.

It is also revealed that the payload on this map is actually Junkrat and Roadhog’s collection of treasure and bombs. The attacking team must be able to escort it to the Queen’s throne.

Junkertown will feature four specific locations: the Gates, Bruce’s Wreckyard, Scrapyard, and Swagman’s Needlepoint. The Gates is the town’s entrance that features a fortified gate with a guard tower. Bruce’s Wreckyard and Swagman’s Needlepoint, on the other hand, are two establishments you’ll find in Junkertown during the game. While lastly, the Scrapyard, as mentioned earlier is a gladiatorial arena where combats occur. These fights include mech battles, one of the most popular forms of amusement in the town. It is also said the omnics are thrown into the pit to take part in the carnage.

If you want to check out the map and its gameplay, Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops, XBox One, and PlayStation 4. For more info, you can check out its official website: http://www.playoverwatch.com.

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