7 Things You Need to Craft as a Starter in Subnautica


Photo Source: Unknown Worlds

By experience, I can probably tell that Subnautica is one of the most fantastic open-world exploration game there is. Developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops, for XBox One, and Mac OS devices, Subnautica allows the player to explore an aquatic planet by scuba diving and traveling using submersibles.  But aside from the wonders of exploration, it also requires the player to think and strategize to survive. This means that players must craft materials and build his own shelter.

As a starter, you must prioritize necessities to make sure that you’ll survive longer.

Starter Items to Craft in Subnautica


Crafting Materials: x2 Silicone Rubber


When you’re stuck in an alien underwater world, you have no other means of exploring aside from diving into the waters and swim. This is exactly the reason why you need fins. They are easy to craft and should be obtained as fast as possible. Aside from exploring, they can also be handy for catching fish in the early game. They can later be upgraded to Swim Charge Fins and Ultra Glide Fins using.

Standard O₂ Tank

Crafting Materials: x2 Titanium and Glass

If you want to stay longer underwater and swim faster than your body allows, you will definitely go to need two oxygen tanks. The Standard O₂ Tank can boost a player’s Oxygen supply by 30 units. In the PDA, it was also stated that carrying multiple oxygen tanks will increase one’s exposure time in hostile environments.

Air Bladder

Crafting Materials: Silicone Rubber and Bladderfish

Air Bladder

The Air Bladder is a flotation device which can help you reach the surface of the water faster than just swimming. It has a chemical reaction that produces lighter-than air gas for personal buoyancy. This tool is especially useful in situations where the player is in danger of drowning or need to escape dangerous creatures.


Crafting Materials: Titanium and Silicone Rubber


The Survival Knife is one of the essential tools you need to survive. It is multi-functional and will help you survive attacks from aggressive underwater creatures. It is also used to procure samples of flora and corals.


Crafting Materials: x2 Titanium and Battery

The Spectroscope scanner is a tool which is capable of scanning fragments, technology, and other objects scattered around the map. It is also used to acquire data on living organisms and Harvesting Nodes by scanning them and adding their specific entries into your Survival PDA. You should remember though that the Scanner requires a battery to operate.

First Aid Kit

Crafting Materials: Bleach and Fiber Mesh

Being injured or harm while exploring the deep sea is something unavoidable, and that’s why crafting First Aid Kits is important. This equipment is used for restoring health. It has treated bandages which you can apply to staunch blood-flow and sanitize wounds.


Crafting Materials: Seaglide Fragment, Battery, Lubricant, Copper Wire, and Titanium

The SeaGlide is a handheld deployable vehicle that converts torque into thrust underwater via propeller. It will increase a user’s effective exploration range. This deployable also happens to have a small 3D map of the immediate terrain as well as built-in energy gauge. It also has a flashlight which the user can toggle on and off to help him when exploring in the dark.

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