Subnautica – The Leviathan Inside The Containment Facility

Voice of the Deep

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Last June, Unknown Worlds Entertainment released the most recent update in Subnautica called the “Voice of the Deep.” The update was said to introduce significant pieces of Subnautica’s end game. It will reveal some of the mysteries surrounding the many arcs of the story.

The update introduces us to the Containment Facility, a massive Precursor facility deep beneath the ocean floor, embedded in the rock. Inside of it lies a multitude of artifacts, data repositories, and fragments of history. But most of all, it is where you can find the “Emperor Leviathan,” a large species that seems to be very interested in communicating with other living beings.

So what is the Sea Emperor Leviathan exactly? It is described as the largest living species of the fauna. It is described as colossal in size, having a stocky and entirely armored body. It is predominantly pale brown in color and features a few shades of green. It also has tentacles that are adorned with bright cyan bioluminescent bulbs. Compare to the Sea Dragon Leviathan, the Sea Emperor Leviathan doesn’t have true graspers. Instead, its forelimbs are two massive, paddle-like arms.

Containment Facility

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The Sea Emperor Leviathan in the Precursor Containment Facility is said to be the last living adult of its species to have survived the Carar bacterium outbreak. But the most outstanding thing about the Sea Emperor Leviathan, it is capable of telepathy, which it uses to communicate with the player.

The question now is, what is the role of the Sea Emperor Leviathan that makes her so valuable? As stated earlier, the Sea Emperor Leviathan is the last surviving one in her species. She was studied by the Precursors in hopes of naturally producing the Enzyme 42, the only known cure for Carar. However, due to some reason, this Sea Emperor Leviathan was not a viable source of Enzyme 42. As an option, the scientists turned to the eggs she was discovered with. But still, they couldn’t find a way to hatch its eggs naturally. In the end, they resorted to attaching the eggs to an Incubator Device to keep them alive while they worked on ways to hatch them. Unfortunately, the Disease Research Facility was destroyed, releasing Carar, and causing all warp gates to the facility be closed.

Now, the Sea Emperor Leviathan awaits for someone to help her save her offsprings. Are you ready for the task?

Let’s check out the update’s trailer:

Subnautica is an open-world exploration game set in an unknown aquatic planet filled with wonder and peril. It was developed by the independent game studio Unknown Worlds Entertainment for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops, as well as XBox One. The game also supports VR gears like HTC Vive, Oculus VR, and OSVR.

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