The Best League of Legends Crowd Control Champions

Best LoL Crowd Control Champions

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When playing League of Legends as a support, I often picked champions not only for their durability but also for their crowd control abilities. Having such skills can give their teammates an advantage during clash fights. That’s why for today, we’re naming seven of the best League of Legends crowd control champions in our opinion:

Best Crowd Control Champions


Alistar is a tank support that is great for keeping enemies away from the carries. He can initiate team fights and is great at changing the tide of the game with her great crowd control skills. He can stun, and can pretty much hit multiple enemies. His knock back can either push people away from the carries or drag them in.


Amumu has one of the most valuable crowd control abilities in the fields of Summoner’s Rift. His ultimate skill, Curse of the Sad Mummy, has the ability to deal magic damage to all nearby enemies for 3 seconds and entangles them for 2 seconds. It is an area-of-effect skill and is likely best used during clash fights.


After Galio was reworked and given new skill sets, many have appreciated his outstanding crowd control abilities. One of these skills is his ultimate, Hero’s Entrance, in which Galio designates a target allied champion at the time of the cast as his landing spot. Upon impact, Galio will deal magic damage to all nearby enemies, knocking them up for a second.


Janna is, no doubt, one of the best crowd control champions in League of Legends. She has an awesome ultimate tornado that is able to knock guys down, away from her and her allies. This skill is great when trying to disable team fights, and saving allies from danger.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune has two abilities in her skills set that makes her an effective ADC and crowd control champion. Her third skill, Make It Rain, rains down hundreds of bullets on a target area, dealing damage and slowing down enemies. Her ultimate, Bullet Time, allows her to fire several waves of bullets in the target direction which deals immense physical damage.


If there is one support you can count on healing, it is definitely Soraka. Her ultimate, Wish, can instantly turn the tides of battle during a clash. This skill allows her to heal all allied champions in the map including herself, saving any ally from getting killed.


Sona is one of my favorite mage support champions. Aside from being able to heal her allies and give them movement speed, her ultimate can bring in damage and stun all allies in a target direction, giving her allies time to attack their enemies with all they got.


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