New League of Legends Skins: Pentakill Kayle and Lancer Zero Hecarim

New LoL Skins

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Riot is releasing the newest champion to join League of Legends’ greatest metal band, Pentakill. Pentakill Kayle serves as the latest backup singer of the band, and she is descending from the heavens for the mortals to hear her perfect voice.

Along with her release comes the newest skin for the armored colossus from the Shadow Isles: Lancer Zero Hecarim.

Let’s check out these skins:

Pentakill Kayle

Pentakill Kayle

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The Pentakill Kayle is heading to the battlefields of Summoner’s Rift to bring weaker warriors to their knees with her relentless waves of operatic fury. Pentakill Kayle is the rockstar that gives her all on stage and the Rift.

This new skin has an all new model and textures which feature Kayle as a hellion-valkyrie, who is ready to rock. Her new particles have fire and flames that will carry you throughout the game. The sound effects, on the other hand, will leave players wanting for more with her Pentakill-inspired riff during her recall animation, where Kayle will leave with an encore.

Lancer Zero Hecarim

Lancer Zero Hecarim

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Lancer Zero Hecarim is always on guard, gallantly stepping up to any threat and trampling his enemies into dust.

The new skin gives Hecarim a new model which features him all armored up and wielding a mighty lance. His new animations show him take a kneel as the heavens shine upon him. This skin also has an all new VFX which includes blue and golds fitting for the mecha paladin, and an all new SFX that features a mecha-magical audio.

To top it all up, Lancer Zero Hecarim is loot exclusive!


The cycle for this new skin also brings a skin texture update for two of the previous Pentakill champions: Pentakill Sona and PEntakill Mordekaiser. To check out the new skins and updates, log in to your Garena account on your gaming PC or laptop and then check out the latest updates on the LoL tab.

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