PUBG Introduces First Person Squads


Photo Credit: Dot Esports

With the recent addition of first person solo and duo matchmaking to PUBG, many people have switched over to first person PUBG. Until recently however, third person was the only game mode where players could play with a team of three or four. A few days ago, first person squads was added via an update to matchmaking to allow players to party with their teammates in the new perspective game mode.

1PP vs 3PP

The recent 1st person vs 3rd person debate in the PUBG community has sparked many controversial discussions. The main difference between the two game modes is that the 3rd person camera can be used to spot enemies around walls and corners without showing yourself whereas in 1st person, you would have to actually peek the corner. 1st person limits your field of vision in other situations too such as preventing players from free-looking 360o while they are running across the map. Despite the recent debate on the merits of both modes, either game type can be enjoyable to different players depending on what they like in PUBG.

Ranked First Person

Although this feature has not been implemented yet, Bluehole and the PUBG dev team have promised to add in ranked first person in the future. At the moment, first person is still deemed to be in a beta version and players are not able to check their statistics and rating like in third person games.

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