BIG and Gambit Surprise at PGL Major


Photo Credit: Gambit Gaming

The CS:GO PGL Major started a few days ago with the top teams around the world playing in the Swiss group stages. The top 8 teams from the group stages will move on to the bracket stage and be granted the “Legends” status, guaranteeing themselves an invitation to the next major. The biggest surprises of the tournament so far has been the German team, BIG, who took down FaZe, Cloud 9, and SK Gaming to qualify for the playoffs as well as Gambit who defeated, G2, and mousesports. Both teams were rated much lower than their opposition, not even being in the top 10. To go undefeated in the groups and be the first two teams to qualify was something unexpected.

Tabsen and nex the Killing Duo

Tabsen from BIG has been their best player and a huge part of their success at the current major. During BIG’s three matches, he had a stunning performance in all of them, leading his team in most of the three games to help secure their playoff spot. Nex has been equally as impactful in the matches BIG has had so far, matching tabsen’s fragging power. These two players’ huge performances have contributed to the success of an unlikely underdog.

AdreN Always Delivers

It is rare to see AdreN from Gambit have a bad game, and it is much more likely to see him leading his team in the kill column. AdreN has been without a doubt, the reason why Gambit found so much success so far with his impressive score against and G2 while also performing well against mousesports.

24 thoughts on “BIG and Gambit Surprise at PGL Major

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