SKT T1 Skins for Jhin, Ekko, Olaf, Syndra, Nami, and Zac Finally Kicks Off on the 7.13 PBE Cycle

SKT T1 Skins

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Each year, Riot has been paying tribute to the winning team of their World Championship by releasing a skin set dedicated to them. And for this 7.13 PBE Cycle, the SKT skins for last year champions are finally being released: SKT Ekko, SKT Jhin, SKT Nami, SKT Olaf, SKT Syndra, and SKT Zac.

Let’s check them out:

SKT T1 Jhin – Bang

1350 RP

Bang’s favorite champion Jhin has an SKT skin that features the team’s very own logo on his cape, and a pair of golden guns to match his crown. His new VFX allows him to sprout golden wings before finishing off his enemies with his crimson crystals.  

SKT T1 Ekko – Duke

1350 RP

SKT Ekko, Duke’s champion of choice, brings in a new look that features him in a shining armor embezzled with maroon gems. His new VFX will show flashes of pale gold as well as emblazoned SKT emblems. While his new recall animation shows Ekko high-fives his own time echoes and then jump back to the base in unison.

SKT T1 Olaf – Bengi

1350 RP

Bengi’s champion Olaf enters the battle in his SKT skin features him in a godly armor and crystal-bladed axes. His VFX, on the other hand, features crash down lightning to strike upon his enemies. His recall animation shows Olaf’s power as he unleashes his rage.

SKT T1 Syndra – Faker

1350 RP

SKT’s new favorite mid champion Syndra brings an SKT version that shows a frosty yet sophisticated version of the Dark Sovereign. Her new VFX features royal blues and golds that fit for League royalty. Her recall animation shows Syndra as she proudly displays the SKT logo as one more championship slips under their belts.

SKT T1 Nami – Wolf

1350 RP

Wolf’s Nami in her SKT T1 skin features our colorful mermaid in an SKT-style armor with new VFX that brings full vibrant of gold that adorned her signature water and waves. Her cute recall animation, on the other hand, turns her into sushi.

SKT T1 Zac – Blank

1350 RP

For Blank, he chose Zac to have the SKT skin. Zac showcases a new model and texture with his new crimson goo and golden armor. His new VFX features classic reds. His new recall animation, on the other hand, shows Zac eat his own blobs.


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