CyberPowerPC’s LoL Tournament at Insomnia


Photo Credit: XLC Gaming Network

The Insomnia Gaming Festival is one of the biggest gaming events in the United Kingdom. The gaming festival will take place from Friday, April 14th to Sunday, April 16th and features many exhibits and events such as special guest panels, brand exhibitions, a VR zone, live music, a cosplay area, a LAN hall, gaming tournaments and many more. This year, CyberPowerPC will be sponsoring a League of Legends tournament that will span the entire event and culminate on the main Twitch stage with live streaming on Twitch. In addition, the tournament registration is open to the entire public, so be sure to grab your friends, form a team, and compete for a chance to win a cash prize.

Tournament Information

As mentioned, the tournament will start on the first day of the festival on Friday with the group stages and the first rounds of the bracket stage. The group stage and the first round of the bracket stage will be best-of-ones while the remaining games will be best-of-threes. Saturday will be all bracket stage games and the grand finals will be on Sunday played on the main stage as well as streamed to the Multiplay Twitch channel. The tournament also features a hefty prize cash for the top four finishers. The prize pool is currently £1,500 with the winner getting half of the amount, but at 16 teams the prize purse will increase to £2,250 and at 32 teams the prize pool will be £3,000.


The tournament will be played in the classic League of Legends format with a 5 vs 5 battle on Summoner’s Rift. Because there will be a wide difference in skill level, participating teams will be divided into either the Pro or Intermediate bracket so that the games will be more fair. In addition, even if you are not able to gather a full team, players can sign up as free agents and still be included into the tournament, by banding up with other free agents. To register for the tournament, visit the tournament page here.

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