CyberPowerPC’s New Tracer VR Backpack

Tracer VR_Backpack

It’s not a big secret that virtual reality has been steadily growing over the last few years and has captured the attention of the electronics industry. Virtual reality allows players to be transported to a whole new world and experience gaming as a participant rather than a spectator. CyberPowerPC is proud to announce that we have developed an innovative new VR backpack that allows the full VR experience with efficient portability.

Powerful, High Quality Components

The Tracer VR Backpack comes with some of the newest components available on the market to ensure that the VR gaming experience is perfect. The CPU is Intel’s i7-6700, a staple of any high end gaming computer. The graphics card is the NVIDIA GTX 1070 which is part of the new 10th generation of NVIDIA cards and a leading best seller in the gaming computer industry. Both these parts exceed the necessary requirements for VR gaming and will allow customers to play games on the highest settings. In addition to these two key components, the computer also comes equipped with a dual drive 256 GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM for faster loading times. There are several freebies that come with VR backpack so be sure to also select those too.

Portable and Efficient

What makes the Tracer VR Gaming Backpack unique is its portability. Whether customers are going on a plane ride or simply waiting, the backpack provides easily accessible entertainment as well as being less of a hassle to carry around.

Unique, Cooling Design

Tracer VR_Backpack_details3

The design of the backpack was created with the thought of keeping the computer as cool as possible. The entire face of the backpack as well as the sides contain vents to allow fans to push out hot air and keep the backpack as cool as possible. The backpack also includes a pouch to allow customers to carry additional items making it a true hybrid of a computer and backpack and not simply a computer with straps.

Check out the CyberPowerPC Tracer VR gaming backpack here.

29 thoughts on “CyberPowerPC’s New Tracer VR Backpack

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