Paladins Newest Champion Revealed: Inara, the Stone Warden

Inara, Paladin's New Hero

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Hi-Rez Studios Hero-Shooter game Paladins introduces the newest champion to join in the Realm: Inara, The Stone Warden. According to the developers, Inara is a front line champion who excels in holding the line and protecting her teammates.

The Stone Warden

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Let’s check out Inara’s teaser trailer:


Stone Spear

Stone Spear

The skill causes direct damage. When activated, Inara fires a burst of 3 projectiles which deals 225 damage each over 4 seconds. These missiles are fired one after the other, and each burst consumes 1 ammo. It has a total ammo count of 5.

Earthen Guard

Earthen Guard

Earthen Guard allows Inara to enter a defensive state which lasts up to five seconds where she and her deployable takes 30% reduced damage.



Inara deploys a wall which grows out of the ground and lasts for five seconds. The wall has a total of 6500 health and can be destroyed. Inara and allies can stand on top of the wall and use it as a platform. The skill won’t go into cooldown until the wall doesn’t go down.

Warder’s Field

Warder's Field

When activated, Inara places a stone obelisk which pulses and slows enemies who walk on it for 60%, while dealing 150 damage per second. The stone obelisk does five ticks of 30 damage per second.

Seismic Crash

Seismic Crash

Inara throws her spear, passing through any shields and stunning any enemies within 40 units of its impact for about two seconds.


Inara is now available as a part of the OB45 Patch in Paladins. She features three cosmetic body skins which include Garnet, Amethyst, and Celestine. You can buy her for 7500 gold coins or 200 crystals.

To check out Inara and her skills first hand, download Paladins on your PC or gaming laptops. It is a free-to-play first person shooter game you can enjoy with your friends online.

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