The Top 5 Banned Champions in Ranked Games

banned champions in league of legends

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Just like in any game, some characters seem to be built far more superior than others. In League of Legends, this kind of champions is banned by players. Interested to know more? You’re on the right page because today, we’re going to name five of the most banned champions in League of Legends ranked games and the reasons why.


play as LeBlanc on League of Legends

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LeBlanc has always been considered as an OP champion by most players. Her skill set just allows her to be aggressive from early to mid game. A short and quick game is an advantage for LeBlanc, since her dominance may fall off during the late game once her opponents have started to build items. But if one uses her to harass the opponents continuously, she can lead her team to victory under 30 minutes. Due to this, many see her as a threat, and even the master tier summoners still fear her, enough to put her in the top spot of the most banned champions in ranked games.


play as Rengar on League of Legends

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With the use of his passive skill, Rengar sneaks through the shadows and wait for the right moment to strike his enemies down. His high mobility makes him an efficient hunter in the Summoner’s Rift. His last skill, Thrill of Hunt, allows Rengar to quickly find and assassinate high-target opponents in team fights or skirmishes. Plus, a lot of his skills come from empowered abilities. No wonder, many still fear him when they see their opponent locked down on this champion.


play as Graves on League of Legends

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Graves was considered as Season 6 ultimate Marksman. With his abilities, he can deal significant physical damage. He can actually harass his opponents and keep them at bay until he has Smokescreen, Quickdraw, and Buckshot, skills that he can use to secure a kill. When left by enemies, he can build up the right items and eventually dominate the game later on. In, he has a ban rate of 59.4%, next to LeBlanc and Rengar.


play as Kha'zix on League of Legends

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Kha’Zix is a fighter champion who excels at hunting squishy enemy during the early game. His skill set allows him to deal significant damage. Aside from that, Kha’zix has lots of freedom to choose when and where to fight, making him a potent hunter. He can pick his battles carefully and succeed. With the right execution of skills, he can become a dominant force to reckon with. So what better way to avoid him than to ban him from the start, right?


play as Camille on League of Legends

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Since her release, Camille has shown potentials in becoming one of the strongest champions to ever enter the battlefields of Summoner’s Rift. She can easily bully her top lane opponent. She also has an insanely high mobility especially in team fights which enables her to get to the enemy backline. Although Riot tried to nerf her, her skill set allows her to ruthlessly hunt down her enemies and secure the kill.

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