The OP 3 of League


Photo Credit: GameXNow

If you have been watching the LCS or any other professional leagues around the world, you will know that there have been three champions who have almost always been banned or picked recently. In fact, these three champions have most likely been banned or picked in your own League of Legends games. The champions in question are Camille, Rengar, and LeBlanc. When played on the rift, these three champions have shown they easily dominate the opposition and are extremely strong.


The strongest and scariest of the three has to be Camille (not saying the others aren’t strong). Camille is simply a bully in the top lane while also having insanely high mobility in team fights to get to the enemy backline. Her hookshot and ultimate forces her opponents to fight her, which usually turns out to be a losing decision. Not to mention, her hookshot also stuns the enemy if it hits them. Added on to the fact that her tactical sweep applies a slow, Camille becomes a champion that can ruthlessly hunt down her enemies and there’s not much they can do about it.


Rengar is another champion that has high mobility to hunt down his enemies. His ultimate, Thrill of the Hunt, allows him to chase down enemy squishies and assassinate them. What makes Rengar particularly strong is the fact that while using his Battle Roar, crowd control abilities do not work against him. Combined with his ultimate, a backline dive is a practical eventuality.


LeBlanc’s early to mid game is simply too strong at the moment. She does fall off a bit towards the late game, but if she bullies her lane opponent, it doesn’t matter at that point. She can easily use her strong early game to snowball a huge lead for her team and end the game before 30 minutes.

Patch 7.3 Nerfs

In the latest patch, Riot has decided to nerf the three champions for exactly the reasons stated above. While the patch has not hit the professional leagues yet, it is already available for regular players and will soon be adopted in professional leagues. For Camille, all of her abilities were nerfed in some way. Rengar lost his crowd control immunity and also had his ultimate and dash distance nerfed. For LeBlanc, her early game power was reduced significantly.

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