The Town of Light – A Psychological Horror Masterpiece


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As a lover of horror-survival games, there is something about psychological horror games that creep me more than being chased by zombies or serial killers. For one, psychological horror games attack your mind and way of thinking. In a sense, they seem more realistic and can happen in real life.  If you’re interested in psychological horror games, then this is one you should definitely try — The Town of Light.


The Town of Light story is actually inspired by real facts and is based on extensive research about mental illness and the life of patients from the early 1900s. The game starts by introducing us to Renée’s character, a sixteen-year-old girl who is brought to an asylum on March 12, 1938.

Locked up in a mental institution, she is ripped out of her world and is deprived of everything. The people said she was a danger to herself and to those around her, but only she knows what exactly is happening inside her mind. Find out the truth about the horror she had to face inside the asylum as you relive the history through her confused point of view and by the choices you will make. Let the story develop in different ways.


The Tow of Light Gameplay

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The game is about making choices and solving puzzles similar to other psychological games like Layers of Fear and The Park. The player controls an unknown character, hearing Renee’s voices guiding him/her through the journey. It starts off by going into an abandoned asylum, the same place where Renee was admitted.

Inside the asylum and its compounds, the player must explore and dig up the secrets of Renee’s past. Connect the puzzles and learn the horrifying truth behind Renee’s life inside the asylum. The Town of Light has a point-and-click narrative style game also known as walking simulator game.


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The Town of Light is a psychological game that features a first-person point of view. There will be no zombies or supernatural presence, but its horror will hit you hard psychologically. It bravely explores the horrors that patients with mental diseases face in their everyday life.

The storyline is truly captivating, and its atmosphere creates an eerily haunting playground that will keep you engaged, wanting to learn more about the history of the main protagonist. It is definitely one of the best psychological horror games you should try.

The Town of Light is available for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops. It also supports Oculus Dev Kit 2 for a more interactive gameplay.

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