The Best Visually Stunning Free MMORPGs to Try

Visually Stunning Free MMORPGs to Try

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Graphics is one of the main criteria most players look for in a game, aside from its gameplay and plotline. This is particularly the case for RPG or MMORPG. This week, we’re listing down seven of the visually stunning MMORPGs out there. To top it all up, all of these games are free-to-play. That means you can download it on your gaming PC anytime you want.


Tera is a 3D fantasy-themed MMORPG from En Masse Entertainment. Since its release, it got greatly praised for its lush and detailed graphics, giving visually appealing animation to its intense tactical combat. You can choose from one of its seven character races and nine classes, each with their unique battle styles as you explore a variety of landscapes that can be found in its enormous and varied seamless world.

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul was first introduced in the Asian market on 2012 but was later on released in Western countries in 2016. Its art style is wholly unique to itself, featuring an anime-inspired graphics featuring Eastern elements combined with its highly detailed graphics. The game also introduces a martial arts inspired combat gameplay, mainly taking its inspiration from qigong, a Chinese martial art primarily used in wuxia fiction.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is the successor to the critically acclaimed online RPG, Guild Wars. It features a dynamic world and has a living well-detailed art that is hard to come these days. Most of its effects, especially when it comes to the characters’ abilities, are like paint strokes that blast with colors every time it’s executed. There are an ebb and flow on everything that moves, giving it a realistic and artistic touch, without the need to feature characters with blown-out proportions and customizations.


Although some may say Warframe is an online RPG game, its features, such as the multiplayer mode and cooperative gameplay, are starting to steer in the direction of MMO. In Warframe, the player takes control of a Tenno, an individual from an ancient race of warriors who have just awoken from years of cryosleep, and now must fight a war with the Grineer.  Its main point is how its graphics looks stunning with such fluid despite its fast gameplay, providing “explosive” effects completed with its art style.

Bless Online

Bless Online is an upcoming MMORPG to be released this year that features incredible graphics and an action-packed fantasy combat. Its art style is visually stunning that some critics even compared it to Final Fantasy XVI and Guild Wars 2. Unlike traditional RPGs, Bless Online takes away the dungeons and small arena, allowing players to freely roam its open-world environment thus giving more life and depth to its whole gameplay.

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