Smite New God Reveal: Morrigan, The Phantom Queen


Photo Source: SMITE Morrigan by Scebiqu on DeviantArt

Smite is back with a new god to add to their selection of mythological figures, the goddess Morrigan also known as The Phantom Queen. Let’s take a minute to more about this powerful Celtic goddess.


The Celts once knew of the myth about the Three Goddesses, progenitors of war, death, and sovereignty. They took care of Eire, champions for armored soldiers, and served as guides for the deceased. One day, though, they merged as one. Nobody knows what bound them together. Some said it was for the greater good, while the others said it serves a darker purpose. Whatever it is, they are now one.

She is many Goddesses with many forms. She takes the shape of a lurid seductress, sometimes an old hag, and a black crow. But most feared her as the washer in the river, those who witnessed her washing their bloody armor prophecies a bloody end. Subtle yet manipulative, no war escapes Morrigan notice. There is no dying breath she did not collect. Who knows, maybe Morrigan, after all, started the war between the gods for she controls fate.


Passive – Doomsayer


The third hit of Morrigan’s hit chain will cause an explode that deals damage to all enemies within range. It also weakens enemies hit. All enemies affected will take additional damage over time. Its basic attack can last up to three seconds.

1st Ability – Deadly Aspects


Once activated, The Morrigan will combine the power of all her three forms. When activated again, they simultaneously damage and will stun enemies in front of them. This charge-type ability’s stun duration can last for a second.

2nd Ability – Dark Omen


The Dark Omen lets Morrigan launch a wave of dark magic which deals great damage to enemy gods and minions and dooming them for eight seconds. Any doomed enemies will take bonus damage the next time they are hit by any of Morrigan’s ability including her passive, Doomsayer.

3rd Ability – Confusion


The Morrigan creates a phantom version of herself, becoming stealth and gaining an increase in movement speed. The Phantom runs to the targeted area and will die if it takes any damage. However, if Morrigan attacks or takes damage, her true self will be revealed, and she will lose her bonus speed.

4th Ability – Changeling


This unique ability allows Morrigan to select a god from the current match and becomes an exact copy of them including all their stats and abilities. In the form she chooses, Morrigan may use all skills although she retains her relics and cannot use any of her consumables.


The Morrigan will soon be released on Steam, so better check it out on your gaming desktop or laptop for more info.


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