The Races of Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 by far is one of the most famous MMORPG online, and its popularity even swelled when the base game became free-to-play on August 2015. The game takes place in a fantasy world called Tyria, where races must fight for survival and defeat a Lovecraftian species known as the Elder Dragons, who has seized control of the world.

Players must pick and customize a character from one of the five races that exist in the world of Tyria. These classes have their own personality and distinctions that could help you in determining which profession to take.


asura of guild war

Photo Source: Guild Wars 2 Asura by Artfall on DeviantArt

Asura may be small in size, but these mystical scientists are known for their intelligence. For this, they are referred to as the smartest beings in Tyria. They use their knowledge and skills to utilize and analyze magic through their inventions. Their mastery of arcane science has evolved throughout the years and has allowed them to rebuild their civilization. In the world of Asura, it is not the strong ones that survive, but those who are clever.


Sylvari of Guild of War

Photo Source: DeviantArt

The Sylvari race is an enigma. They were not born, but were awaken beneath the Pale Tree and are bound together by the Dream that nurtures them and teaches them the knowledge of the world. Although they may possess a human shape, their flesh is made of veins and leaves, foliage and petals, with golden saps flowing through their veins. These mysterious, noble plant beings roamed the world, seeking adventure and finding the purpose of their existence.


The humans have always been resilient. They have lost their homeland from the war, but they have maintained their unshakeable spirit over these harrowing adversities. Although many considered them as a dying race, the humans will continue to prove otherwise and will defend Kryta, their last refuge, till their very last breath.


Norn or the Towering Heroes of the North are giant hunters who once experienced a great defeat after the Ice Dragon drove them away from their glacial homeland. But this doesn’t mean that it will dampen their enthusiasm much less their will. Guided into this world by the Spirits of the Wild, the Norn continues to see their life as an adventure. They will continue to hunt, find glory in danger, and continue to challenge anything that blocks their way.


Charr in Guild of War

Photo Source:

Charr is known as the savage race of conquerors, forged by war. This is why believe that war defines them, their quest of dominion driving them onward. For them, the weak has no place and only the strong shall survive. Victory is all that matters, and with that in mind, they must achieve by it at all costs. Now, they are known as the competitive feline race who have perfected the art of war.

Guild Wars 2 is free-to-play for Microsoft Windows gaming computers and laptops. You can download it at

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