Let’s Check Out Tera’s Newest Class, the Ninja

Tera NInja Class

Photo Source: tera.enmasse.com

Tera is currently one of the most popular MMORPG games. It is best known for its immersive graphics and engaging battle game style. And just like in other MMORPG games, Tera allows the player to choose his race and class. As of now, there are seven kinds of races available in the game. Once you have chosen your race, you’ll then decide which class you’ll pick for your character. There are twelve classes in Tera, with the latest addition being the Ninja.

The Ninja is a nimble-strategists who can deal immense damage with his massive shuriken or by using her Chi to deal devastating flame attacks. This new class is race-locked and available to the Elin Race. For those who don’t know what Elins are, they are known to be the daughters of the goddess Elinu to protect nature. They are cute and adorable feminine-like humanoids with child-like features and demeanor.

Back to the new class, Ninja specializes in the use of shuriken for short-ranged combat. They are quick and agile and can use dodging abilities to avoid any damage or strike from the enemies. Aside from their shurikens, these Ninjas also focus on the power of their “chi” which they can use to unleash powerful abilities.

The Ninja also features impressive skill kits to deal immense damage like its combo attacks which can stagger opponents and deliver seven continuous cuts. Some of her attacks can also suspend enemies in the air and can be followed by her skill, Leaves on the Wind, which deals strings of damage when executed on the right time. Like it was stated earlier, these ninjas have dodging abilities likes Shadow Jump which lets you dodge in any direction, twice if you’re quick in the bottom.

Ninja Class

Photo Source: tera.enmasse.com

Another important thing you must remember is that Ninjas can generate their Chi through hitting enemies. It is represented by a glowing purple bar in the MP line. Once she has enough, it gives her access to two powerful flame attacks, Burning Heart and Fire Avalanche.

The Ninjas is also a great addition to any team. They can deal tons of damage by using BladeStorm, Circle of Steel, and One Thousand Cuts. When it comes to PvP though, you must remember that they use light armors to move fast, which means that they can easily be damaged in short-ranged combats compare to other melee fighters.

With a mixed arsenal of ranged and melee attacks that focus on misdirection, staggers, and stuns, the Ninjas are the perfect fit to start your adventure on Tera.

If you’re interested in the game, Tera is free to download on Steam for Microsoft Windows gaming desktops and laptops.




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