Is Teemo Finally Getting the Skin He Deserves?

Is Demon Teemo Being Summoned to Summoner’s Rift?

Last Thursday, a teaser image was uploaded in League of Legends official Facebook account, showing a new set of skins probably for the Harrowing Event. The Harrowing is annual event in League of Legends that commemorates Halloween by releasing limited edition of skins.

harrowing skins 2016

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On 2015, we had Zombie Nunu, Slayer Jinx, and Slayer Pantheon, a reference to numerous zombie survival franchises like Walking Dead. This year though, it seems that Morgana and a yordle-like champion (probably Tristana) will be getting new Harrowing skins. But what has gotten the attention of many players is the champion being summoned from the cauldron, with its demon-like horns. Some might say the concept quite resembles Gnar, but many of us know what the community is truly wishing for and that is a demon skin for Teemo.

These past few weeks, a community project made rounds online when six talented people came up with a way to make the Demon Teemo skin a reality. Have Riot finally noticed the concept skin and decided to implement it into the game?

teemo demon community project

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Concept art, splash art: Vlad Băcescu

High & low poly models, textures: Antoine “GravityBwlast” Dupuis

VFX: Kevin “Sirhaian” Leroy

Rig, animations: Alexandre Edde

Voice acting: Kayli “Kiyo” Mills

Sound design: Quinn Boyce-Bacon


Teemo or the incarnate of Evil is the champion we all love and hate. This cute and adorable little champion may win your heart at first sight, but wait till he started planting invisible bomb shrooms in the game. No wonder that even the game developers have embraced his moniker as “Little Satan” and League’s greatest monster.

Although implementing the skin in the in-game may be far off from becoming a reality. There have been tons of fan-made skins from the past that have made it into the game. So for now, all we can do is to keep our fingers crossed and hope that Riot can give this skin a chance.

League of Legends is a MOBA game from RioT and is available for Microsoft Windows gaming PC and laptops.

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