Worlds Group Draw Completed


Photo Credit: LoL Esports

This past Saturday at 11:00 AM PST, the group draw for Worlds was completed by several special guests. Scarra, Cpt Jack, MiSTakE, and Weixiao were invited to the Riot studios to help draw the groups for Worlds. The full group draw show can be found here:

Group A

Rox Tigers, G2 Esports, Counter Logic Gaming, Albus Nox Luna

The one team that everyone did not want to get as a first seed was Rox Tigers, the best team from the strongest League of Legends region, Korea. G2 Esports and CLG were drawn into the group as Pool 2 teams and Albus Nox Luna, the CIS wildcard team, was drawn as the Pool 3 team.

Group B

Flash Wolves, SK Telecom T1, Team I May, Cloud9

No one wanted SKT as one of their Pool 2 teams, simply because they could easily be considered better than some of Pool 1 teams. Flash Wolves were drawn as the Pool 1 team, a seed they received by making top 4 at MSI. IMay was the other Pool 2 team besides SKT, and Cloud9 was the Pool 3 team.

Group C

Edward Gaming, AHQ e-Sports Club, H2k Gaming, INTZ e-Sports

EDG have been looking very dominant, winning 16-0 during their run as the first seed from China. AHQ and H2k are two middle-of-the-pack Pool 2 teams while INTZ is other wildcard team besides Albus Nox, and will have a hard time in this group.

Group D

TSM, Royal Never Give Up, Samsung Galaxy, Splyce

TSM was the last Pool 1 team left and was put into Group D. RNG and SSG were the two Pool 2 teams that were drawn into the group and Splyce was the Pool 3 team.

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