CyberPowerPC at PAX West


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PAX West is right around the corner from, 9/2-9/5, and some of the biggest names in computers and electronics will be in attendance, including CyberPowerPC. The following booths are where you can find some of our products and computer equipment that we will be giving away throughout our time at PAX.

Campo Santo (Firewatch Booth #6808)


Photo Credit: Youtube

The Firewatch Booth will be using Syber Vapor Gaming systems and CyberPowerPC Gaming desktops to demo their games. Be sure to check them out and feel free to try out the games and systems they will be offering at their booth.

NVIDIA Booth #252


Photo Credit: VR World

NVIDIA has been one of the leading brands in making the best graphics cards on the market and attendees will have a chance to try out some of their new 10-series graphics cards at their booth. They will be using the CyberPowerPC Luxe Series with an EVGA DG-87 gaming case to demo a dual GTX 1080 setup. The GTX 1080 is currently the best graphics card on the market, so participants will be able to test the best computer NVIDIA has to offer. NVIDIA will also be giving away a lot of prizes at their booth including CyberPowerPC mousepads, jerseys, Skorpion RGB keyboards along with their own prizes.

Intel Booth #625


Photo Credit: Intel

The counterparts of NVIDIA’s GPUs, Intel are one of the leading companies in the field of CPUs. Their booth will feature our Custom Luxe series with In-Win Transformer H-Tower system which will be raffled off after the event. Enter in the raffle for a chance to win the multi-thousand dollar system.

Trion Worlds Booth #117


Photo Credit: Trion Worlds

CyberPowerPC will be providing some gaming PCs for the Trion Worlds booth for the game demos. They will be offering a TRION CODE card that will grant attendees a free item in every Trion game. Try their games for free on the systems we will be providing and don’t forget to ask about that code card.

38 thoughts on “CyberPowerPC at PAX West

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