The Coolest Champion Skin Themes from League of Legends

League of Legends is best known for their unique skins. These skins refer to the appearance of a champion, and can be bought by Riot points or by joining a special event. Some of these skins can give your champion different particle effects, quotes, and sound effects that can enhance your gaming experience, especially when played on a 4k gaming PC. And of course, just like all things, there are those “skins” that stand out from the rest. Here are five of them:


Project Skins

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The PROJECT is a series of futuristic skins in the game. It features champions such as Yasuo, Yi, Leona, Lucian, Zed, Fiora, Ashe, Ekko, and Katarina, “augmented by cybernetic enhancements”. The theme follows an alternate universe storyline set in a dystopian future of Ionia.

The theme first started with PROJECT: Initiative which introduced Project Yasuo in the game followed by PROJECT: Overdrive and PROJECT: Disruption. The main objective of PROJECT is to improve a champion’s abilities with cybernetics body augmentation and create a perfect killing machine.


Arcade Theme

Arcade Skins

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The Arcade Theme features champions like Ahri, Corki, Ezreal, Hecarim, Miss Fortune, Riven, Sona, Blitzcrank, and Veigar, in a “digitized arcade setting.” Three factions exist in this setting which includes the gamers, the in-game characters of the world, and the rogue bosses.

This theme introduces Arcade Miss Fortune, Arcade Riven, and Arcade Sona as the Holy Gaming Trinity, the goddesses of RGB. Arcade Ahri, Arcade Corki, and Arcade Ezreal, on the other hand, are the players who jumped into the gaming world. And finally, there are the rogue bosses: Battle Boss Blitzcrank and Final Boss Veigar.


Academy Theme

Academy Skins

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The Academy Theme features a high-school themed setting wherein champions are either dressed as professors or students. The first two skins were released in accordance to this theme are Headmistress Fiora and Professor Ryze. After some time, four new skins were released by 2015 that features Academy Ahri, Academy Darius, Academy Ekko, and Academy Vladimir.


Pool Party Skins

Pool Party Skins

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The Pool Party Skins has a summerthemed setting, where your favorite champions are in their swimwear. It is one of the most popular themes in the League and is often released before the start of summer.

Champions who share the theme are Draven, Dr. Mundo, Fiora, Graves, Lee Sin, Leona, Lulu, Miss Fortune, Rek’Sai, Renekton, Taric, Zac, and Ziggs.


Esports Theme

ESports Skins

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The Esports Theme is a series of skins that dedicated to the former winners of LoL’s World Championship. The champions who are used by the winners are the ones gifted with these skins. There are now 22 skins included in this theme, dedicated to champion teams like Fnatic (2011), Taipei Assassins/TPA (2012), SK Telecom T1/SKT (2013 & 2015), and Samsung Galaxy White/Samsung (2014).


How about you? What’s your favorite skin theme from League?

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