Subnautica – Explore an Alien Underwater World

subnautica - Explore an alien water

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Descend and discover an alien underwater world with Subnautica. It is an open-world survival game by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Released on December 17, 2014, the primary objective of the game is to explore the hidden treasures of the aquatic alien planet and survive the dangers that lurk in its depths.

Subnautica follows the story of the lone survivor of the crashed ship, Aurora, in an unknown aquatic planet. The player takes control of the survivor and explores the open-world environment, collect resources, construct tools, and build submersible shelters to survive. You must keep your character adequately fed and hydrated, and maintain their oxygen supply while underwater. And remember that you’re not alone in this aquatic world; the water teems with life–some of it helpful, while others can harm you.


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The game also allows you to construct underwater habitats. You can build bases where you can store resources, park sub-water vehicles, and where you can replenish your oxygen supplies. Plus, Subnautica offers a vast ecosystem you can use to your advantage.

subnautica - Constructing underworld habitat

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Another feature that Subnautica also provides is its day and night cycle. During daylight, you can freely explore its plateaus, reefs, and Kelp forests. However, when the sun goes down, predators come out. The world of Subnautica also has cave systems with dark, claustrophobic passages filled with bioluminescent life. Just be careful when you explore the ocean floor but watch your oxygen levels.

The game also includes three modes: freedom, creative and hardcore mode. The Freedom mode which allows you to explore the aquatic planet freely, and wherein hunger and thirst are disabled. The Hardcore mode has a gameplay similar to Survival except if the player dies, the player can no longer respawn. And the Creative mode, in which the hunger, thirst, health, and oxygen features are disabled, and you can acquire all crafting blueprints.


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In its recent update, it was revealed that another ship crashed on the same planet, where its survivors built several sea bases across the map.

Subnautica is available on Steam for Windows and OS X gaming computers.

Dive and discover the unknown!

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