LoL Champion Rework: Ryze, the Rune Mage

LOL Champion Rework

If you think Mid-Season Magic is over, then you’re wrong. RioT just announced last Tuesday the re-work of our favorite mage champion, Ryze. This update will include a new kit and updated splash art for Ryze.

Ryze the Archmage travels the world, seeking ancient runes. Unknown to many, Ryze is centuries old and only alive because of runic magic. The same mystic power which altered his appearance over time.

Ryze the Archmage


Passive: Arcane Mystery
Ryze’s spells deal extra damage based on his bonus mana.


Q: Overload
Passive: Resets the cooldown of Overload.
Active: Ryze fires a runic blast which deals magic damage to the first enemy it struck.


W: Rune Prison
Roots a target and deal magic damage.


E: Spell Flux
Deals magic damage to a target and all nearby enemies, and marks it with Flux. Ryze’s next spells on a target marked with Flux will deal bonus effects.


R: Realm Warp
Ryze summons a portal sphere. All allied units within the portal-sphere are warped to a target location nearby.

Ryze as a champion has gone through several changes over the years. According to RioT, this update is their third or fourth attempt at redefining the Rune Mage. The primary goal of the Ryze’s re-work is to show his immense powers without his enemies the idea. It gives players a chance to experiment new combos and strategy when playing Ryze.

experiment new combos and strategy

The re-work won’t change Ryze’s dynamic combinations of spells. Ryze is all about hitting the right keys at the right time and in the correct order. Players need to know when to strike the enemies and when to stay still. It’s all about control to execute the right skills especially his ultimate ability. RioT will also develop his prior splash arts and graphics. It is to enhance the visual experience for players especially those who used 4k gaming PCs.

Ryze re-work update is available on PBE right now.


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