League of Legends Champion Siblings!

League of Legends Champion Siblings!

Brother and Sister by Penett on DeviantArt – Garen and Lux

Aside from being one of the most popular MOBA games played on gaming PC, League of Legends is also known for its lore and its champions’ background stories. One of the interesting things you may find in the game is the connection of its characters from each other, some are even blood-related.

Here are five of them:

● Garen & Lux

Birthplace: Demacia

Garen and Lux

Born to the family of the prestigious Crownguards, Garen and Lux were destined for greatness. Garen became a valiant warrior who bears the title “The Might of Demacia” and the known leader of the Dauntless Vanguard. While Lux was hailed a prodigy, and was later discovered to possess a unique command over the powers of the light, earning the title “Lady of Luminosity”.

● Katarina & Cassiopeia

Birthplace: Noxian Capital, Noxus

Katarina & Cassiopeia

Unknown to many, Katarina and Cassiopeia are the daughters of the feared Noxian General Du Couteau. From childhood, Katarina was always more interested in her father’s knives and displayed a natural gift for combat. After the years, Katarina has grown into a beautiful and deadly woman. Cassiopeia, on the other hand, was once a beautiful and cunning temptress trained to manipulate her enemies before she turned into a terrifying creature.

● Nasus & Renekton

Birthplace: Shuriman Capital, Shurima

Nasus & Renekton

Nasus and Renekton are Ascended brothers from Shuriman legend, who once served the emperor named Azir. Back when they were humans, Nasus was a Shuriman General while Renekton was a War Captain of the Shuriman Army. When Nasus was cruelly struck down by an incurable sickness, the priests declared him to be blessed with the Ascension ritual. With Nasus already dying, Renekton nobly bore his brother onto the Ascension dais, caring less if he dies in the process. But Renekton was not destroyed. And instead, two Ascended beings stood before Shurima after the light faded.

● Kayle & Morgana

Birthplace: Unknown

Kayle & Morgana

In a world populated by winged beings gifted with immortality, two conflicting sisters by the name of Kayle and Morgana were separated by an ancient war. For ten thousand years, Kayle fought tirelessly to unite the world under their law and strong central governance. But Morgana saw her sister as a tyrant along with those who shared the same belief. For this, Morgana was branded “fallen”, and was disowned by Kayle.

● Darius & Draven

Birthplace: Noxian Capital, Noxus

Darius & Draven

Known as the Blood Brothers, Darius and Draven were both orphaned at a young age. In order to survive, the young Darius had no choice but to fight. By the time he joined the army, Darius already had the discipline of a veteran soldier. After proving his power on the battlefield, Darius became a Noxian Military General. Draven, on the other hand, craved for recognition and glory. Finding little happiness on the Noxian military, he turned his attention to the prison system and became an executioner with a twist. He turned all his executions into a leading form of entertainment and used each trial as his own personal stage.

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