Team Fortress 2 Gameplay for Beginners: The Classes

Team Fortress 2 is team gameplay free to download at Steam and be played on a gaming PC or a PC gaming console. It is best known for offering 9 distinct classes with different range of capabilities and personalities which we will on today’s post:

● Demoman


Demoman is a class that is known as masters of explosives. According to the game, the demoman is a drunk demolitions expert that came from Ullapool. He is considered as the most versatile member in the team. A defensive type of character, the demoman is a proficient melee user that excels in destroying his enemy fast with the use of his handy grenades.

● Engineer


A soft spoken character from Texas, the Engineer provides the support on his team and makes the most of your team’s defenses. He can build tools and construct dispensers, teleporters and sentry guns which play a big role for your team’s benefit. Engineers also have a role of looking out for enemy spies and attaching sappers to your territory. The engineer is the best defensive class in the game to be considered.

● Heavy


Heavy also known as the Heavy Weapons Guy is one hulk of a man and is probably the most dangerous character to encounter in Team Fortress 2. Although considered as a defensive type of character, the Heavy has the most devastating firepower in the game and can inflict heavy damage to his enemies. However, there’s only a catch on this character, since they hold large weapons and they are quite bulk in size as well, they tend to have a slow movement.

● Medic


Every team needs a medic whose primary role is heal and babysit his allies. Acting as a support of the team, he is equipped with the Medi Gun to help his allies regain health points. However, medics can’t heal themselves although they are very capable of slowly regenerating their health overtime and the only class in the game who can do so as well.

● Pyro


The pyromaniac in the team, this psycho fire starter has a burning passion set out with a goal to burn all his enemies down. He specializes in dealing with his enemies in a close range using his own-made Flame Thrower. And the best part about them is they can set enemies on fire and leave them to burn.

● Scout


The Scout is a notable offensive character who is considered to be the fastest and most mobile mercenary there is out of all the classes. He has the ability to capture any control points and can push carts twice the rate of any other characters in the game. He’s most advantage skill is his speed.

● Sniper

The Sniper is a tough support to invest your team in. With the ability to take out enemy at effective long range with a headshot, this class is meant to stay on the higher grounds and hard-to-see places, giving them the free shots to decrease the numbers of your team’s enemies before they reach your fortress.

● Soldier


The Soldier is a well-armed offensive class both versatile in the line of defense and offense. It is a great class to start with in the game with his well-balanced skills. He is one of the most flexible characters in the game and despite having a low foot speed, he can quickly rocketjump to his destination on his will.

● Spy


The Spy is a support character known for his trickery and stealth that leaves his enemies off-guard. He has the ability to destroy the enemy fortress’ defenses, leaving them defenseless and weak. Oh, and he is also very capable of killing enemies by backstabbing them with his trusty knife.

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