Intel Presents Optane SSDs Coming 2016


Intel revealed during this year’s IDF a new line of 3D XPoint Based SSDs which will be arriving in 2016 to be known as Optane.

The new Optane line is stated to be 1000 times faster than the current NAND Flash used in SSDs today. Utilizing the optimized 3D XPoint technology, the Optane was tested in front of a live audience to compare IOp benchmarks with the P3700 SSD where they found Optane offered 5x better IOps.

The Optane is to be released in both PCI SSD AND DIMM form factors for greater bandwidth and lower latency. Intel’s new innovative and high-density design is non-volatile but differs from the current SSDs in that they’re not significantly impacted by the cycles the PC needs to perform to write or read data making them more durable and compact.

Whether or not it will rise to compete with the current SSDs in the market is almost guaranteed, but with little information regarding the system at the moment, we’ll be waiting for more details to rise the hype.


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