Nvidia Reportedly Working on New Mid-Range GPU

NvidiaNvidia is making some noise around the rumor mills talking about the introduction of a new mid-range GPU.

Currently, Nvidia has been utilizing first-generation Maxwell cards in most of their GPU’s, consisting of two different graphics processor: The GM107 and GM108. However, it’s been confirmed that Nvidia has developed a new processor named Maxwell GM206-250. This news indicates that the company is most likely indulging themselves in a new product, which the community is assuming will be named the GeForce GTX 950 or 950 Ti.

Currently, it’s a smart marketing move for Nvidia to develop a new GPU. The first-generation Maxwell cards are currently supporting a budget, mid-series set of GPUs, the GTX 750 and the GTX 750 Ti. As they are sitting pretty at around $150 in the market, the current Nvidia mid-range products need an upgrade to compete in the same market as the Radeon’s AMD R9 370, which is priced around the $150 range as well.

GTX 750

GTX 750 Ti








Though no official statement has been made by Nvidia on the upcoming GPU, it’s understandable that this process most likely won’t be rushed as the company has just launched their new GPUs in the form of the GTX 980 Ti and the Titan X. However, for individuals on a budget, Nvidia has indicated their impending development of their product which hopefully is something to look forward to.

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