Raising an eSports Fan

Evil Geniuses’ Web Content Developer Justin Duke’s 4 year old daughter is made of sugar, spice, and encyclopedic knowledge of DotA 2. The lesson? Being a lifelong fan of eSports is not something to be ashamed of.


coL.QXC – Dealing with Jet Lag

Kevin “qxc” Riley of Complexity Gaming talks strategy on dealing with jet lag when traveling internationally. His experience as a professional gamer traveling all over the world for gaming events has given him some insight on how best to combat jet lag and maximize performance upon arrival, and now he’s sharing that info with everyone!…


Excited for Capcom Cup

Ricky Ortiz from Evil Geniuses talks about participating in the Capcom Pro Tour and the excitement leading up to the Capcom Cup at the end of the year. Currently, four Evil Geniuses players stand to qualify for the finals in December!